The Galactic Council

Welcome to the Galactic Council, a place where worlds collide and politics reigns. This is the Universe's equivilent to the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and many other prestigious international institutions.

The Galactic Council is ultimate arena in politics, where heated debates and political infighting are the norm. As an ambassador you, the player, are welcome to make-up your own planet or hail from any other world from any genre. From there you enter a world where your opinion not only matters, but you have ample opportunity to vocalize it; nowhere will you find a more opinionated and vocal group of people.

We debate and decide the entire spectrum of difficulties facing the Galactic Council. Everything from kidnapping and hostage situations, the granting or denial of membership to petitioning planets, inter-planetary trade disputes, the ultimate decision of war or peace, and other issues that affect our universe. We also act as many bodies: be it a legislative body, a court body, and a arbitration body.

But don't be fooled, a convincing argument isn't always enough to win the right number of votes. Networking, charm and finesse will be necessary to win the day and be a true inter-galactic politico.

In the future, we also take up issues from any organization that wishes their issue of any time to be arbitrated. A web form will be added to our site to submit issues and petitions for the Galactic Council to request.

This simulation will be mostly E-Mail based with meetings on Sundays @ 9pm in AOL Private Room/AIM Private Room Celestial Prime 1. We also would keep it open for any other avenues as we see it fit, depending on our population.

If you would like to learn more or would be interested to join please contact Chairman Washuu Hakubi or Keith Ketchum.


Washuu Hakubi
Juraian Royalty Territories
Chairman - The Galactic Council
AOL AIM: Washuu